Orgasmcontrol challenge with edging on the end (german)

Here the rule is 10 minute NO wanking, but only do what the Latexlady is saying! Of course she won t make that easy for you to succeed, but believe me, it is well worth it, because once you are allowed to jerk again, it is so much better! Although, then there is some edging and on the end, you will continue jerking after and while you cum, because your rubberlday loves afterorgasm torture:-)

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Sexy brutal Venus2000 milking Webcamshow deutsch and some english

For the ones that missed the most intense, the webcamshow with tightlyrubberd fixated after 1 week in chastity, the webcamshow thar really topped every single one from before, here is the recording. My goal was 5 times, it worked to make him cum 4 times and he still was hard after that and the milking continued. The after orgasm torture was intense but this time the bondage was good, he was just a helpless rubbertoy being milked on webcam for everyone to watch!


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Mistress Susi Whipping her Ballet Booted Slave

Susi is ready for more in her golden latex leggings. The rubber lady has her naked slave suspended in thigh high red ballet boots for some heavy whipping. The German goddess uses her flogger to redden his exposed ass. Its not all pain from the Latex covered Mistress, She also strokes his helpless body and plays with his big nipples. With Mistress Susi, you get the good and the bad.

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The Golden Latex Ass being Worshipped with Mistress Susi

The German Dominatrix has her naked slave bound to the dungeons cage. She is dressed in extra tight golden leggings that are begging to be worshipped. First Mistress Susi uses her high heels to make his cock extra hard. Soon she wants her latex wrapped ass licked and kissed. Her bound slave was more then happy to enjoy her grinding her ass on him.

Category: TEASE & DENIAL

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Venus2000 Milking with Rubberdoll Natalie GothTv

Mistress_Susi organized a slave to play with, while the sissy TV doll is assisting. They strap him to the bondage cross in the dungeon and work him over. Once they gets him hard enough, they apply the venus mílking machine to him. Once its starts there is no stopping it. Soon the slave is made to cum but they continue to force more cum from the helpless slave. Watch him fight to get free and suffer the post orgasm torture.


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The interrogation of the secret Agent

Mistress Susi interrogates the secret agent, fixated in the dark room for days, she keeps coming back to find out where the gold is. A mixture between torture and using her sex appeal was used to get him to talk, but he is not making it easy.   She decides to step things up with many devices from her vast toy chest.  Metal clamps on his nipples and balls help some but it's the Kali's teeth device that really gets him talking.  She delights in making him suffer, even when he starts to talk.     No secret is too hidden from Mistress Susi and she enjoys when they make it hard to get.  


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Jerk off Instructions (german)

Dressed in the most sexy skintight latex leggins , fantastic rubber corset and 20cm high laque ankle boots, the Rubberlady is giving you jerk off instructions to follow. Watch her closely, as she is using her XXL #strapon to guide you in german language

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Outdoor Strap-on use of the naked slave

Mistress_Susi decided it was time to use her slave outside in the woods on a picknick table. Dressed in a sexy latex body and long black rubber gloves, she has her slave on a table amongst the trees. Her massive black strap-on needs some use and the slave’s helpless ass is going to be trained. Watch her work it into the slave’s ass as he moans and begs. The german #fetish #dominatix loves using her slave’s


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Maid training with Mistress Susi

After a long day, Mistress_Susi relaxes on the chaise in her expensive lingerie.   Of course, her maid is nearby to serve her.   The muscular maid has disappointed her by not being able to wear his chastity cage.  His excuses don't help and she uses several means to get it to shrink.   First ice, then hard slapping and eventually her sharp high heels.   The slave is very sorry and she rewards him with her spit and promise of a golden shower.  Watch and see what other plans she has for her maid-slave. 


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Duration 13:25 Minutes