Nylon Jerk off instructions (english version)

For this you need a pantyhose or one to two nylonstockings that you will pull over your hand(s). For that the Lady is wearing a stylish Studio Colette Pantyhose with Latextop. Step by step jerk off instructions for your nylon hand to imagine you are getting a footjob. You ll get to see the nylon feet demonstrating on the big strapon dildo The german italian Fetishlady also is showing you her new peeptoe pumps and on the end you are allowed to cum on her nylon feet


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A little 10 Min Competition with me and then 5 Mins to cum (english)

I thought of something especially devilish for you! It works best if you havent cum in a while. And with a while I do not mean that the last time was just yesterday,lol. So here you go, you will try hard to NOT jerk for 10 Minutes and I make that hard for you. Since you don t want to be a loser, you will do your best. Also I will give you some instructions with your nipples and I will take my bra off! After the time is over I give you 5 Minutes to cum. But you figured, there is a stipulation,lol, you must continue after until I allow for you to stop. Ready? Let`s try!


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Three Squirts Jerk off Instruction with nice Rewards (english)

Today the german italian Fetish Dominatrix Mistress Susi is wearing her amazing latex leotard with all the nice zippers! For every squirt that you milk out of your cock, one or two of them are opening up! For the first one you even get to see two open ;-) Here you are getting exact instructions when to jerk, how to jerk and when to stop! A little challenge, but the evil Latexlady always says “ Easy is boring” ! After you got three separate squirts milked out, there will be checked if anything more is in your balls


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Three Squirts JOI in German

heute hat die Rubberlady ihren tollen Latexbody mit den vielen Reissverschlüssen an. Für jeden Spritzer den du aus deinem Schwanz raus melkst, geht einer auf. Für den ersten gehn sogar gleich zwei auf;-) Hier bekommst du genaue Anweisungen zum wichsen und wann du abbrechen musst. Eine kleine Herausforderung, aber mein Motto ist ja nach wie vor “Einfach ist langweilig” ! Nach dem alle 3 Spritzer raus sind, schaun wir mal ob noch was in den Eiern ist

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Your Latex office Boss allows one last jerking before the Chastity (german)

In this Video you are ordered into the office to your Boss in Latex. And then there is a little suprise. She has decided that you can jerk one last time and she is watching you as you do that. She is letting you know that you will be locked in chastity after that and that you will be unable to apply for a job elsewere.You won t want to get a reference, because it will let them know that you stared at secretaries cleavages and feet. While you are jerking for your office boss, she is showing you her legs in nylon stockings and high heels,which she then is taking off to show you her nylon feet. She telling you every detail in what way she has you under her control now. Even who will find out about this, is in her hands. In the end you are allowed to cum by her command , then she is waiting for it to shrink and attaches the matching cage.


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Jerk off Instructions (german)

Dressed in the most sexy skintight latex leggins , fantastic rubber corset and 20cm high laque ankle boots, the Rubberlady is giving you jerk off instructions to follow. Watch her closely, as she is using her XXL #strapon to guide you in german language

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